Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hundreds Rally In L.A. For Obama To Include Immigrant Workers In Executive Actions

The National Day Laborer Organizing Network wants to ensure immigrant workers are included in President Obama’s executive action.

Juan Gastelum/BuzzFeed

Hundreds of immigrant workers and supporters rallied in downtown Los Angeles Wednesday urging President Obama to include protections for laborers in the series of executive actions he is expected to issue on immigration policy in the coming weeks.

Organizers want those protections to include measures that protect workers who denounce unfair labor practices, as well as extend visas to victims of violent crimes and wage- and hour-violations. They are also emphasized that any actions taken should not exclude people — such as domestic workers and day laborers — who are not employed continuously.

"The city of L.A. wouldn't function without migrant labor," Pablo Alvarado, the director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON), told BuzzFeed. "You go to the neighborhoods here and it's the immigrant workers who keep the gardens green, who make sure that people come and work to the big buildings here because workers are taking care of their kids, cleaning their homes.

"Everyone, from friend to foe, is willing to accept people's labor, but they are not willing to accept people's humanity," he added.

Obama is expected to announce the administrative actions, a source of controversy with some Republicans, in the next few weeks. The actions follow an administration-wide review of deportation policy, following intense pressure from activists in the past year.

Juan Gastelum/BuzzFeed

Juan Gastelum/BuzzFeed

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Rick Perry Is Selling T-Shirts With His Mugshot On It

Because why not.

For a minimum donation of $25 you can get a t-shirt with Rick Perry's mugshot on it. Perry's political action committee RickPAC began selling the t-shirts Wednesday.


Perry was indicted by a state grand jury two weeks ago on charges of abusing his official capacity and the coercion of a public servant.

In April 2013, Perry attempted to force Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg to resign after she was arrested for drunk driving. Lehmberg refused and later took a plea bargain where she served 45 days in jail and paid a $4,000 fine.

Perry then threatened to veto more than $7 million in state funding for a program she runs, with the acknowledgment that Travis County could continue to fund it if the state stopped funding it. The program, called the Public Integrity Unit, investigates allegations of political corruption. Perry later vetoed the funding.

The two charges stem from this incident.

LINK: A big ole H/T to the Wall Street Journal

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There Is An Epidemic Of Republicans Misquoting The Founding Fathers

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