Sunday, July 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton Revaled as Crooked as The Star of David

Donald Trump Tweets a picture of Hillary With the Star of David And All Hell Breaks Lose!

Thank you ABC news and most main media outlets for incorrectly attributed the imaage of the Sar of David originanating from a white supremacist site called  /pol/ or Politically Incorrect. While it’s true there are members on it that are white supremacists on it, there are equally amount of pro-Isreal and pro-Hillary members on it too. I suppose any site that allows freedom of speech and permits anyone equal rights is a white supramacist and anti-Semitic site these days lol. Anyone who actually wants to do their own research instead of beiong spoon fed by corporate run lame medai may want to check out the site for themse;ves and see it has a variety of members on it.

Here is the tweet and image that got a lot of people’s panties in a up roar,


This is the before and after images. The first one with the Star of David and after people began complaining, it’s replacement. I personally prefer the original, see below.


Thanks to the lame media the website in question has seen a HUGE surge in popularity and activity. None of which would have been possible if not for all the cry babies and lame media!!!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Maor voter fraud at Nevada Democratic Convention!

Where is the Main Media on this?

Democracy has fallen! Wake Up America!


It doesn’t need to be said, but mainstream media will not be reporting this. The Nevada state Democratic Convention on Saturday was pure, unadulterated chaos. From the very beginning to the very end, delegates who supported Bernie Sanders say it was essentially a one-woman show controlled by state chairwoman Roberta Lange.

Those media outlets that have seen fit to publish stories about the contentious convention are only telling one side of the story. And that story goes something like this: Delegates who showed up at the convention were not registered as Democrats by the May 1 deadline.


Raw Story ran what amounts to a generic story with few details about why those delegates were denied entry by the credentials committee.

Reports have emerged that several people who were county convention delegates were either not on the rolls as being a delegate, were unregistered for unknown reasons, or had their party affiliation changed between the county conventions and the state convention on Saturday. One delegate uploaded her Clark County credentials, with a letter and her name badge as proof that she’d been a delegate.

She then wrote that despite having participated in the county convention, Nevada convention officials denied her access. Roseann Pascoe Blackburn gave a brief description of what happened to her.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Major Melt Down At Nevada Democratic Convention Saturday Night!

Watch Barbara Boxer have a total meltdown when Bernie Sanders fans boo her at Nevada convention

Sen. Barbara Boxer lost her cool with Bernie Sanders’ supporters at the Nevada Democratic convention Saturday.

Boxer, a Hillary Clinton surrogate, took the Las Vegas stage to raucous boos and, at first, tried to bring a unifying message to stop the onslaught.

“I bring a message from Bernie Sanders and I bring a message from Hillary Clinton,” she told the crowd. “We need civility in the Democratic Party. Civility.

But the supporters of the Vermont socialist were still angered that their charge had lost the Nevada caucus and were having none of it.

She then tried reverse psychology on the angry crowd.

When you boo me you’re booing Bernie Sanders. Go ahead. Bernie is my friend. You want to boo Bernie, boo me. Go on, you’re booing Bernie. You’re booing Bernie,” she said.

As the boos rained down on Boxer, her tone became more acrimonious as she began to reprimand the malcontents.

“Let’s hear it for Hillary Clinton!” needling those who opposed her. “We have the votes, we have the voice, we have victory!”

“I grew up in Brooklyn. I’m not afraid of bullies,” The California senator continued.

“I’m for Hillary Clinton and she’s for all of us,” she yelled. “Keep on booing and boo yourselves out of this election.”

Way to unify the party.

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