Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Houston-Area Man Says Deputies Mistook Cat Litter for Meth


CYPRESS, Texas (AP/KPRC) — A Houston-area man says sheriff’s deputies conducted faulty field tests on cat litter they found in his vehicle, which they believed was methamphetamine.

Ross Lebeau was charged with possession of a controlled substance following the Dec. 5 traffic stop where he failed to use his blinker when making a right turn, but court documents show the case was dismissed last week because the material was not an illicit substance.

The bag was filled with clear, blue and gold-colored “nuggets,” which tested positive for methamphetamine.

Lebeau said that his father had placed the cat litter in the sock as a way to absorb moisture and keep the car’s windows from fogging.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said the total weight of the drugs was 252 grams, just less than half a pound.

The HCSO says deputies smelled marijuana coming from the car and conducted a search. Officials say marijuana was found in the console and Lebeau never identified what was in the sock.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Seig Hail Taylor Swift: Barbie Nazi, Alt-Right Queen!

Although this fake story has been discredeted, the alt-right continue to worship Taylor Swift as the new alt-right Queen!



It’s still fun to read about it and look at all the memes made about this story which in reality Taylor Swift is not a Nazi and has no connection to the alt-right except for their admiration of her.