Saturday, November 7, 2015

Chris Christie On Ben Carson: Candidates Have To Back Up Personal Stories

Nati Harnik / AP

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says presidential candidates should be expected to back up their personal biographies.

Asked by radio host Michael Medved about a Politico story that raised questions about Ben Carson's claim that he was offered a "full scholarship" to West Point, Christie said, "I've been campaigning for the last two days, so I haven’t followed it as closely as I might have otherwise. But what I will tell you is we’re all responsible for our personal story, right? We put our personal story out there, we tell folks our history, that’s part of our candidacy. And we have to be able to back that up."

"So I’m sure that, you know, he’ll answer these allegations," Christie continued, adding that he thought Carson was a decent and honest man. "And if he answers them to satisfaction of the American people — not the media, the American people — if he does that, he’ll be fine.”

Earlier in the interview, Christie reiterated that he was not concerned about being relegated to the earlier of the two Republican primary debates next Tuesday, saying he was "willing to bet" that "they're gonna be talking on Wednesday about what I did on Tuesday night." He did, however, say he felt bad for former New York Gov. George Pataki and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, who did not qualify for either debate.

"I think it’s horribly unfair that those two men, both of whom are friends of mine—I have great respect for both of them—are not gonna get an opportunity to stand on that stage and put their views out there," Christie said.

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