Monday, November 9, 2015

Donald Trump Floats Boycott Of Starbucks Over Red Holiday Cups

Seth Perlman / AP

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump suggested Monday his supporters should boycott Starbucks, accusing the company of taking Christmas out of their holiday-themed cups.

While Starbucks has featured snowflakes, reindeer, and other seasonal symbols on its cups during the holiday season, this year's red cup features a minimal design. Some Christians took the design as a sign of a so-called war on Christmas and political correctness.

"No more 'Merry Christmas' on Starbucks. No more," Trump said at an event in Springfield, Illinois on Monday. "I wouldn't buy."

Trump said that while the coffee giant is among his tenants at Trump Tower in Manhattan, he wouldn't care if supporters took their money elsewhere.

"Maybe we should boycott Starbucks," Trump said.

Representatives for Trump and Starbucks did not immediately return BuzzFeed News requests for comment.

The Republican candidate added that he is a Christian and would like to see more mentions of the holiday in businesses.

"I guarantee if I become president, we're going to be saying 'Merry Christmas' in every store," he said. "The happy holiday, you can leave that over in the corner."

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