Monday, November 16, 2015

Graham: I Will “Reassess” Campaign If I Lose In New Hampshire

“You know, you’ve been a long shot all your life, and it’s all about staying in there and hoping that you can connect with people, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Brian Snyder / Reuters

South Carolina senator and GOP presidential candidate Lindsey Graham said on Friday that he will "reassess" his campaign if he loses the New Hampshire primary.

"I am doing it the New Hampshire way. But if I don't move my numbers, if I can't get traction in New Hampshire, I'll have to reassess." Graham told former Massachusetts senator and current diet pill advocate Scott Brown on Kilmeade & Friends.

"But breaking through in New Hampshire makes me, the odds on favorite in South Carolina then I am in the final four, and I've just got to keep doing what I'm doing," Graham continued. "You know, you've been a long shot all your life, and it's all about staying in there and hoping that you can connect with people, and that's what I'm going to do."

Graham said that his strategy to do better in the polls was "the New Hampshire way," which included attending "weddings, funerals, Bar Mitzvahs, friendly divorces."

Graham added that foreign policy, the centerpiece of his campaign, "is becoming a bigger issue, because the world is literally falling apart."

Brown added that, while he has been critical of Obama on issues such as Syria, he has complimented him on his past success. Brown then reminisced on the time he told President Barack Obama that he had "big balls" following the successful U.S. special forces raid that killed Osama bin Laden

"I remember also back when we met the president, we were talking about budgeting at the White House compound there, and they just got bin Laden," Brown said. "I walked up to him and I said, Mr. President, you just got big balls. You know, I'm saying that you took a tough decision and it came through, so congratulations."

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