Thursday, December 31, 2015

10 DIY Projects We Totally Failed At In 2015

We literally get paid to do this for a living…and yet…

And even though, for the most part, we do practice what we preach...sometimes we do not live up to these ideals.

This attempt at making vodka-infused Gushers:

This attempt at making vodka-infused Gushers:

We really wanted to infuse fruit Gushers with vodka, like you would a gummy bear. Seems legit, right? Imagine biting into a Gusher and getting both sugary syrup AND vodka. Well, not so much. After soaking for a few hours, they were just a sloppy, weirdly waxy mess. And the vodka in the bowl had turned brown and tasted (yes, I tasted it) DISGUSTING. —Natalie Brown, associate lifestyle editor

Natalie Brown

The great giant balloon disaster:

The great giant balloon disaster:

Like all good Instagrammers, the BuzzFeed DIY team is obsessed with these giant balloons that spell things out. Especially when they spell out dirty and/or curse words. There's just something about a giant metallic FUCK YOU that feels so festive yet unserious. So when our DIY Instagram got 100K followers, we decided to get some celebratory balloons to photograph. But no one told us what a pain in the ass these things are to stage!! For one, they don't stay together for shit, and even if you can magically get them to stay on the same level for one minute, there's no way they will be in the right order. And a giant "010" just doesn't really do it. Cut to an hour and several popped balloons later (which, for the record, are also not cheap), and there's me crouching on the floor trying to stay out of the frame while keeping these horrible monstrosities in line.

We EVENTUALLY figured it out using the magic of Photoshop and cropping and our top-notch photo team. But if I never see those bullshit word balloons again it will be much too soon. —Jess Probus, DIY editor

Jess Probus

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