Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fiorina: Left-Wing Wasn't Concerned When Protesters Shouted "Fry The Pigs Like Bacon"

“This is typical left-wing tactics. Demonize the messenger because you can’t handle the message.”

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Responding to criticism from the left that rhetoric from some Republicans on Planned Parenthood is partly to blame for last week's shooting in Colorado, Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said on Wednesday that she doesn't recall "the left-wing being concerned about tone" when the heated rhetoric was coming from protestors or President Obama.

"I don't recall President Obama or anyone in the left wing being concerned about tone, when President Obama compares Republicans who don't like his Iranian deal to the hardline mullahs shouting 'Death to America,'" Fiorina said on the radio show New Hampshire Today. "I don't recall the left-wing being concerned about tone when President Obama from the Philippines says that those of us who say that his Syrian refugee policy is ill-advised are giving terrorists a recruitment tool. And I don't recall anyone on the left-wing being concerned about tone when you have protestors in cities shouting, 'Fry the pigs like bacon.' This is typical left-wing tactics. Demonize the messenger because you can't handle the message."

In the interview, Fiorina stood by her criticisms of Planned Parenthood and pointed to the organization's decision to stop taking reimbursements for fetal tissue donation as an admission of guilt.

"The facts are clear. Planned Parenthood, just a few weeks ago said that they would no longer take compensation for the sale of what they called fetal tissue. If that's not an admission, I don't know what is," Fiorina said. "And by the way, Planned Parenthood, as a taxpayer-funded organization, is a political operation. They give millions of dollars every election cycle to pro-abortion candidates. Why should taxpayers be funding that?"

In the interview, Fiorina also said while answering a question about recent endorsements of New Jersey Gov. and fellow GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie that Christie's "words sound great," but that "people oughta take a good, hard look" at his record.

"Well, look, Chris Christie's a good man," she said. "But he's a governor. Good for him. But I think his words do not match his record."

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