Thursday, December 17, 2015

Jimmy Kimmel Calls Out Donald Trump On "Un-American" Ban On Muslims

The GOP presidential candidate stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live a day after the republican debate.

One day after the GOP presidential debate, Trump stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live and the television host pulled no punches, calling Trump proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States “un-American and wrong.”

"Isn't it un-American and wrong to discriminate against people based on their religion?" Kimmel asked.

"We have people coming into our country that are looking to do tremendous harm," Trump said referring to the Paris and San Bernardion terrorist attacks. "These people did not come from Sweden, ok?"

The presidential candidate went on to say that several of his Muslim friends call him to thank him for his controversial proposal.

"Those may have been crank calls," Kimmel said. "Did you check the caller I.D.?"

Kimmel pushed Trump on his immigration proposals, including plans of building a wall at the U.S. border with Mexico. Trump responded by saying, "I'm going to win the Hispanic vote."

Kimmel used his sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez to question Trump on his immigration policies, saying that Rodriguez came to the United States illegally before gaining legal status.

"Don't we want people who want to be here so badly that they will risk everything to be in America and to be an American? Aren't those the people that we want in this country?" Kimmel asked.

Trump responded by saying "we're going to have a big, beautiful door," that will allow people to enter the country legally.

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