Monday, December 28, 2015

Kasich: "There's Gonna Be Disappointment" In Cleveland Over Tamir Rice Decision

“This was a terrible loss of life and it’s just one of those things, horrible tragedy. And in terms of how people view this, we hope they’ll view it with calm.”

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Ohio Gov. John Kasich said in a radio interview on Monday that there will be disappointment in the Cleveland community over a grand jury's decision to not press criminal charges against the two police officers who shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice.

Kasich said on Boston Herald Radio that he had been in touch with the mayor of Cleveland but that it would be inappropriate for him to immediately react, saying, "for me to be making comments or having opinions on this I don't think would be appropriate at this point."

Still, Kasich did offer some reaction, saying, "The mayor will give the proper reaction and the people in Cleveland, we're very hopeful, will accept this decision and we will not have violence. Cleveland's come a very long way here in the last four, five, six years. We're really doing very well and there's gonna be disappointment in that community. This was a terrible loss of life and it's just one of those things, horrible tragedy. And in terms of how people view this, we hope they'll view it with calm."

"This is a terrible tragedy with a loss of a young life," continued Kasich, noting "it takes everyone" to rebuild trust in the community.

Kasich, in a formal statement on Monday, said he hopes the decision doesn't "divide" the community.

Tamir Rice's death was a heartbreaking tragedy and I understand how this decision will leave many people asking themselves if justice was served. We all lose, however, if we give in to anger and frustration and let it divide us. We have made progress to improve the way communities and police work together in our state, and we're beginning to see a path to positive change so everyone shares in the safety and success they deserve. When we are strong enough together to turn frustration into progress we take another step up the higher path.

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