Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mike Huckabee: Clinton Maybe Should Have Stayed In Bathroom For Entire Debate

“Quite frankly, I thought Hillary’s best moment the entire night was when she was in the restroom…”

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images


Mike Huckabee said in a radio interview on Tuesday that Hillary Clinton's best moment during Saturday night's Democratic presidential debate was when she was in the restroom, joking that maybe Clinton should have stayed there for the entire debate.

"Quite frankly, I thought Hillary's best moment the entire night was when she was in the restroom, not on the stage, and maybe should've stayed there and it would've been her, perhaps, shining moment through the whole debate," the former Arkansas governor and Republican presidential candidate told radio host David Webb on XM radio.

Clinton, delayed getting back to the debate stage after a commercial break, walked out on stage mid-debate and offered a well-delivered "sorry."

"We don't trust her, we know she's not telling the truth," Huckabee continued. "Again if I were them, I'd want to make sure that I debated at times when nobody would be likely to be watching, cause I'd be embarrassed to go out there and try to sell that load of nonsense to the American people."

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