Tuesday, December 15, 2015

New GOP Snapchat Ad Has "Hillary Clinton" Partying As Foreign Foundation Cash Rains Down

The Republican super PAC dedicated to keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House will roll out a new series of Snapchat ads with a Clinton double dancing with foreign dictators.

The three ads from Future45, the super PAC whose backers include Rubio supporters Paul Singer and Ken Griffin, will run during the Snapchat live story for Tuesday’s Republican debate in Vegas. (The ads will be geofenced to run in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, D.C., and, of course, Nevada, where the bulk of the political media will be on Tuesday night.)

The conceit of the ad is pretty straight-forward: Clinton’s family foundation has accepted millions in foreign donations from countries like Saudi Arabia and Oman, and so, in the ad, a dancing Clinton double parties with dictators while phrases like “Why’d they give all that money?” flash. Although the foundation has receded somewhat in recent months as a campaign issue, the foundation's decision to quietly accept foreign donations in the past, and to continue to accept them, came under media scrutiny this spring.

Unlike some digital efforts this cycle, the ads actually have the look and feel of a Snapchat ad:


This ad follows a more serious spot from the group, which has made an earlier effort to define the likely Democratic nominee. Last week, the group made a $100,000 buy for an ad that argued a line could be drawn between the Obama administration’s Syria policy and the recent ISIS attack.

"The reviews are in. Notorious HRC's latest hit from Slick Willy Records, 'Pay My Foundation' is straight fire. Snapchatters found their newest jam about the Clinton's blatantly unethical dealings,” said Dan Conston, a senior adviser to the group, which also created a website for the effort, SlickWillyProductions.com. “The Clinton Foundation’s been a bank account for foreign dictators to curry favor with the State Department when Hillary Clinton was secretary. They've been showered with up to $100 million from eight foreign dictators and at least nine big banks.”

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