Thursday, December 17, 2015

O'Malley: U.S. Faces Danger From "Fascist Appeals" Of Donald Trump

“And sadly a lot of Americans seem to be falling for Donald Trump’s appeals.”

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Martin O'Malley, who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, says the United States faces a danger from fascist demagogues like Donald Trump during times of uncertainty.

"I am betting that Americans are not scared stupid like so many of the unscrupulous leaders in the Republican presidential field, namely Donald Trump, believe," O'Malley said on the Alan Colmes Show on Wednesday. "When democracies are attacked, as ours has been once again with the attacks in San Bernardino, we face a very grave danger from within. And that is the danger that these sort of fascist appeals from unscrupulous demagogues like Donald Trump will turn us upon one another."

The former governor of Maryland said Republican rhetoric was playing "right into the hands of ISIL," and slammed Trump repeatedly as a fascist.

"We needed to defend our values against the sort of fascist appeals that democracy's become vulnerable too when people are apprehensive and when they are filled with fear," he continued. "And sadly a lot of Americans seem to be falling for Donald Trump's appeals. I believe the truth can damn well defend herself but she needs to be stated and that's what principled leaders do and that's what I intend to do."

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