Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Palin: If Trump Mocked Reporter With Disability "It's Terrible, It's Terrible"

“Oh yeah, I I saw the footage, I think it was just yesterday, or two days ago,” said Palin. “Yeah. And um, again, if that was mocking an individual, if that’s accurate, then, no, you don’t — I — it’s terrible, its terrible.”

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Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said if Republican frontrunner Donald Trump had mocked a New York Times reporter with a disability it would be "bad" and "terrible."

Palin stressed, however, on Wednesday she wasn't sure of all the facts of the situation.

"Um, I don't know entirely the context," Palin said on SiriusXM radio. "I mean, if for sure there was mocking of one individual who does have, or any [unclear] individual who has a special need. Um, that's bad, obviously. I've seen others do that. You know we saw the president mocking — while he was sitting as president — mocking those who participate in the Special Olympics."

"And I mean, that's, that's like a gut punch when you hear that kind of thing," she continued. "I don't like it. And, you know, everybody's gotta be a bit better than that."

Trump was slammed by the New York Times for mocking a Times reporter with a disability at a campaign rally. Trump then issued a statement saying he didn't even know who the reporter was. Serge Kovaleski, the reporter in question, who has arthrogryposis, told the Times he's met Trump numerous times and that he and The Donald were on a first-name basis for years.

Palin, again, reiterated she didn't known the context.

"Well again, I haven't known what the whole context is, you know," Palin added. "We've been uh — delved into and dived into — this book tour, so, you know, I haven't really turned on the new in the past couple of days. But again—"

"But respectfully, but respectfully, you've seen the footage, right," interjected radio host Michael Smerconish. Palin responded she had, and if Trump mocked an individual it would be "terrible."

"Oh yeah, I I saw the footage, I think it was just yesterday, or two days ago," said Palin. "Yeah. And um, again, if that was mocking an individual, if that's accurate, then, no, you don't — I — it's terrible, its terrible."

Still, Palin said, she wouldn't accept Trump had mocked the reporter without understanding the situation fully, saying she didn't trust everything he sees in the news.

"But um, again, I'm not gonna buy into the narrative without knowing all the facts that he purposefully was talking about, um, a New York Times reporter or editor who had the special needs — yeah, I won't buy into it until I know the facts, but I apply that to every issue. I'm not gonna just buy into what I'm seeing on TV because I don't trust everything that I see on TV and hear on the news."

Palin's young son, Trig, has Down syndrome.

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