Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Rep. Peter King: Trump's Muslim Ban "Really Goes Beyond American Values"

“Donald Trump always takes it to the extreme, and takes it to the extreme which really goes beyond American values.”

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Republican Rep. Peter King from New York says Donald Trump has gone too far with his call to ban all Muslims entering the United States.

"Here's Donald Trump, who has a legitimate point to make about concerns with security of people coming from countries where there are terrorists like Yemen, Saudi Arabia, for that matter, Pakistan, and turning it into a religious issue saying to ban all Muslims," King said on L.I. in the A.M. on Tuesday. "Donald Trump always takes it to the extreme, and takes it to the extreme which really goes beyond American values."

King, who in the past has called for surveillance on mosques, said there is a "legitimate case to be made" that people coming from countries with a large terrorist population should be subject to extra scrutiny.

"But to take it to the next step, or to take two steps further, or three steps further, and say all Muslims are banned from the country, again, that's Donald Trump," King said, noting he didn't think it would hurt Trump politically in the short term.

King said people who are angry are a component of Trump's support, and added that he doesn't think people are thinking about the repercussions of what Trump was saying.

"I wouldn't be surprised in the next poll that comes out shows his numbers going even higher," added King, saying his numbers go up every time people think he's "gone too far."

King said he thought Trump's time was going to run out, but said he's consistently been wrong on predicting it.

King previously criticized Trump's call in October to shut down mosques, saying, "Donald Trump is talking before he knows what he's talking about. I have been critical of people in the Muslim community, but the fact is you can't be shutting down mosques."

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