Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tom Cotton: Trump Wrong, But “We Shouldn’t Allow Political Correctness” Stop From Recognizing Threats

Mark Wilson / Getty Images


Sen. Tom Cotton, a Republican from Arkansas, said that Donald Trump's comments that he would ban all Muslims from entering the country was wrong, but that political correctness was not the solution.

Appearing on Bill Bennet's radio show today, Cotton was asked about Trump's comments and said, "I wouldn't support that across-the-board ban, but at the same time we shouldn’t allow political correctness get in the way of recognizing that there are a large number of radical Muslims around the world who would like to come to the United States and attack Americans."

The senator went on to say that the United States should focus on other means radicalized Muslims use to enter the country, including as Syrian refugees, through the fiancée visa program, and through visa free travel from European countries.

Cotton criticized the president and attorney general for recent comments that focused on domestic issues including discrimination against Muslims, said that "for the president to lecture us like he did on Sunday night about political correctness, or for Loretta Lynch — the attorney general — to say that her biggest fear is not another terrorist attack, but anti-Muslim backlash" was "the height of both arrogance and ignorance."

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