Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Watch An Early '90s Trump Explain His View Of A Working Wife

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In an episode of "Biography" that originally aired in 1994, Donald Trump said that he had "more respect for a great homemaker as a wife" than for a woman who is "a good wife and a good businessperson."

The comment came during the documentary's section on Trump's second marriage, to Marla Maples, whom he would later divorce in 1999. The narrator noted that, to some, Trump's marriage to Maples seemed different than his business-like relationship with ex-wife Ivana Trump. "There's no doubt," the narrator said, "that Donald Trump would rather see his second wife stay at home with their new daughter, Tiffany."

"I have more respect for a great homemaker as a wife than I do as a wife who’s a good wife and a good businessperson," Trump said in the episode, which aired on A&E. "I have far more respect for a homemaker because in many respects I think it’s tougher. I think it’s a lot harder to beautifully bring up a family."

"Most women would agree with me," Trump said.

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